How to Play

All you need to do is follow the instructions at your table to connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to the Woody's Bingo lobby. Once connected, you'll be randomly assigned a Bingo card. Just tap the numbers as they're called to claim them. There are two kinds of rounds:

  • Normal Rounds require you to claim numbers to complete a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. You'll know it's a Normal Round if one of the tiles is rainbow-colored.
  • Special Rounds require you to claim all the brightly-colored tiles to complete the special shape. You'll know it's a Special Round if some of the tiles are gray and others are bright green.


As you play the game, you'll earn points. Points are awarded for claiming numbers, completing Bingos, and a few other ways that are discussed below. The player with the most points at the end of the game will win the High Score Jackpot (up to $25)!


Every Bingo wins you up to a $5 gift card good at the venue where you're playing. Some awesome venues will even award additional fun prizes. And the player with the highest score at the end of the game wins the High Score Jackpot, which is a gift card up to $25.

How to Win Points

Woody's Bingo is brand new, and so we are still tinkering with the scoring system. The points system described below may be subject to change without notice.

  1. Claiming Numbers
  • You win 100 points for every number you claim.
  • You may only claim a number while it appears in the “Calls” section of your screen. A new number is called roughly every 10 seconds and the 6 most recent calls are displayed in the Calls section. This means you have 60 seconds to claim a number before it’s too late. Once a number is pushed off the Calls list, it may no longer be claimed. This is to prevent a player from joining late in the round and tapping every tile on their board to quickly claim every number that has been called.
  1. Getting “Claim Streaks”
  • If you claim multiple numbers in a row, the value of the claim doubles with each consecutive claim. Example: B10, I16, and N35 are called and you claim them in that order. Instead of winning 100, 100, and 100 for a total of 300 points, you would win 100, 200, and 400, for a total of 700 points.
  • To be counted as a streak, each call must be claimed before the next call is made. For instance, if B10 and G60 are called but you wait until G60 is called before claiming both numbers, that will not count as a streak.
  1. Uno!
  • When you only need one more number to win the round, you’ve got an Uno! You can win multiple Unos in a normal round, and one Uno in a special round.
  • Your first Uno is worth 200 points. That value doubles with every additional Uno you hit during a round! So if you hit 3 Unos during a round, you'll win 200, 400, and 800 points, for a total of 1,400 points!
  • A single tile can only be counted as an Uno once. So, if you only need N35 to complete a horizontal Bingo, you’d get an Uno. But then if you filled in the rest of the N column so that N35 would result in a vertical Bingo as well, it would not count as a second Uno.
  • Many players enjoy shouting “Uno!” when they get one!
  1. Hitting Bingos
  • When you successfully complete a Bingo, either by claiming a complete row, column, or diagonal line during a Normal Round or by claiming all the brightly-colored tiles in a Special Round, you win points as well as up to a $5 gift card!
    • You win 5,000 points for claiming a Bingo.
  • Late Bingos: If you can claim a Bingo but wait until additional calls are made, this is known as a Late Bingo. If another player claims a more-recent Bingo then it will beat out your Late Bingo, so don't delay when claiming your Bingos!
  • Ties: If multiple players hit a Bingo on the same call, this results in a tie. Each player is awarded the 5,000 points for claiming the Bingo, but only the tied player with the highest score for that round will win the $5 payout.
  1. The Magic Tile
  • During a Normal Round you will see that one of your tiles is multi-colored with a number in the corner, from x2 to x5. This is the Magic Tile! If you manage to claim a Bingo that includes the Magic Tile, then your Bingo points will be multiplied by that amount! Bingos normally award 5,000 points, so if you hit one with a x5 Magic Tile, congratulations, you just won 25,000 points!
  1. Playing Consecutive Rounds
  • At the end of every round, all the points you won that round are tallied and added to your overall game score. For every consecutive round you play, you gain a 20% bonus to this number. You start with no bonus, then gain 20% for your 2nd round, 40% for your 3rd round, and so on until you’re gaining a 180% bonus on the 10th round! This means if you win 100,000 points on your 10th round, you’ll win another 180,000 bonus points! There’s no better way to win that High Score Jackpot! Be careful, though, because if you skip even one round, your streak will reset!
  1. Additional Bonuses
  • No Free-Space Bonus: During a normal round, hit a Bingo that doesn’t include the free space to win an extra 5,000 points!
  • Insta-Bingo Bonus: Hit a Bingo without any unused numbers being called to win an extra 50,000 points!
  • Unlucky Bonus: If you play a round and none of your numbers are called before someone claims a Bingo, you’ll win a bonus of 5,000 points for every number that was called that round!
  • Bullseye Bonus: During a normal round, claim the 8 tiles surrounding the Free Space to win an extra 1,000 points per opponent in that round!
  • Four-Corners Bonus: During a normal round, claim the 4 corner tiles to win an extra 500 points per opponent in that round!
  • Wrong-Round Bonus: When you hit a standard row, column, or diagonal Bingo during a special round, you win an extra 1,000 points! This can occur once per round.
  • Outside-the-Box Bonus: If you manage to claim all of the unused gray tiles during a special round, you win 500 bonus points for every gray tile claimed that round!


What is Woody’s Bingo?

Woody’s Bingo is a form of automated entertainment where an AI (artifical intelligence) runs a live 90-minute Bingo show. The AI calls Bingo numbers and makes announcements while popular music plays in the background. You can play the game on almost any WiFi-capable device, such as a phone, tablet, or laptop. As you play you’ll win gift cards good for a return visit to the venue where you're playing!

Is it an app? Do I need to download anything?

Nope! Woody's Bingo is not an app and there is nothing to download. You just connect to the Woody's Bingo WiFi network, open an internet browser, and go to the address lobby.bingo. The game runs directly in your browser.

Will it work on X device?

The game should work on just about any device and browser, though there could be some exceptions. For the best experience, I recommend using an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on a device released within the last 5 years.

Is it really free? How do you make money?

Yes, it's 100% free, no strings attached. There is no cover charge, no minimum tab, no ads in the game, or any other monetary incentives. Venues pay to run the shows with the understanding that the show will bring in business. Hopefully you will purchase food and drinks while you play, but it's not a requirement.

What kind of prizes can I win?

You win a $5 gift card every time you're the first person in a round to hit a Bingo. At the end of the game, the person with the highest score wins the $25 grand prize, which is also a gift card. All gift cards are good for a return visit to the venue where you won them. Since each show is 14 rounds, that's $95 in prizes we give away at every show!

Do the Gift Cards expire?

Each venue has their own rules and terms regarding their gift cards. Ask a staff member at the venue what their policy is.