This page contains items you may find helpful for playing Woody's Bingo, such as extra long charge cables, cases, and inexpensive tablets. Woody's Bingo does not directly sell any products. All items on this page link to their product pages. All items were hand-selected due to their competitive prices, reliability, and high customer ratings.

Charge Cables

These extra long charge cables will help you stay powered-up during our 2-hour shows! The first cable should work on most Apple mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads. The second cable should work on most Android and Windows mobile devices. And the third cable will work on any device that uses USB-C, such as the MacBook Pro. If you're not sure which cable to use, check the product pages for device compatibility or Contact Woody and he can help you make the right choice.

USB Wall Chargers

What good is a charge cable without a USB port to plug it into? Be the hero of Bingo Night by bringing your very own USB hub to the event!

Amazon Fire Tablet

If you need a nice, reliable, inexpensive device to play on, then the Amazon Fire 7 is what you're looking for. At the time of this writing, it's only $49.99! It runs Woody's Bingo exceptionally well and is also my eReader of choice.

The Fire uses the second charger listed above.

Protect your device with a screen protector!

Amazon Fire Cases

The following cases are all compatible with the Fire 7, and only with the Fire 7.